1-Minute Marketing Tips: Optimize Your Ads

Lessons from $100,000 of ad spend

Geraint Clarke
1 min readJan 4, 2022


Photo by Canyon Howell on Unsplash

Last year, I spent over $100,000 on advertising across various platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Reddit, PR & sponsored blog posts.

Here are some lessons learned, that could help you with your own ads:

  • Reach is failure disguised with a different name. The only measure of success is sales.
  • Short ad copy gets the click. Long ad copy gets the sale.
  • Use images where possible, not video. Create curiosity and get them to your own landing page.
  • Ask questions with your headlines e.g. “Is this the best shoe of all time?” gets more clicks than the statement “This is the best shoe of all time.”
  • Don’t just show them the product and forget your call to action. Always tell them where and how to buy it.
  • Use coupon codes to prove what ads are working.
  • Your product might not be right for every platform. A recipe book would convert brilliantly on Pinterest ads, whereas a local maths tutor would not.
  • If you give Facebook $100, they’ll spend $100. If you give them $10, they’ll spend $10 — It’s better to keep your daily budget small and make the ad platforms work to create conversions for you.



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