Could this secure software save you money — or fines?

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There’s nothing sexy about tax, especially paying tax on your cryptos, but it’s no longer a choice, it’s a necessity.

Did you know the IRS (USA) and HMRC (UK) have the legal authority to go back 6 years and actually fine you for any unpaid tax on your crypto gains?

How many are you guilty of?

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A modest, local business used to be a staple of every community. Now, they are small fish in the global, interconnected pond of commerce.

These owners usually establish their business through passion and hard work — rarely through a deep understanding. They learn as they go.

This inevitably creates a…

Rules to avoid spending blindly

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The definition of marketing has been hijacked. It’s not just about building relationships or getting to know your customer — blah blah blah.

The end goal always has, and always will be sales.

Rules to guarantee a return:

  • Don’t pay influencers or ad agencies upfront. …

Marketing’s low hanging fruit

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Low-hanging fruit, in marketing terms, means:

  • the easiest
  • most accessible
  • most profitable moves you can make.

Businesses make the mistake of assuming they only need more customers. This isn’t always a profitable move.

Your ‘customer acquisition cost’ will deplete your profit margins.

An easier tactic is to focus on increasing…

It’s the way they’re generated

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Do you trust all of the statistics you hear?

The reason it’s wrong to blindly trust all statistics is that many are generated by sample studies.


Let’s take a closer look

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Will Safemoon actually get to the moon? Or it a modern-day pyramid scheme?

Safemoon is catching all kinds of hype for being a deflationary, community-driven Crypto investment.

The core idea is that sellers get hit with a penalty for selling and that penalty gets redistributed to everyone who keeps holding.

How to become financially free

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Let’s cut to the chase. You want financial freedom and I have some tips that will get you there. Each post will be available to read in 1 minute or less.

Part #1 — Revelations

  • Understand that Governments can’t help you. Wealth distribution is top-down, not bottom-up, so they’ll never be able to enrich…

Write sales pages that convert

Sales page for a cocoon coat.
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Let’s cut to the chase. You want to write effective sales pages, and I have the exact formula to do it.

Simply write your answers to the relevant questions below and you’ll have all the elements to your own beautifully coherent sales page.

The What

  • What is the product?
  • What does it…

Because more money is always great, right?

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I know a secret that you don’t.

Employers have more money than they initially offer you. It’s the cornerstone of negotiation to shoot low first, but some potential employees take base-salary because they’re afraid to lose out on the opportunity.

Today I’ll show you the tactic I’ve used and coached…


Three templates to win back 12% of your lost buyers

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“FUNNIEST email I ever got. I signed up right away.” — former cart abandoner

Researchers at Baymard Institute have found that, on average, around 69.80% of your customers will abandon their cart. That’s 70%.

If 70% of your teeth fell out, you’d start to take action. So why is it…

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