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A must-read for all content creators in 2021

Would you take advice from a fat personal trainer? Or a Doctor mid-way through smoking a cigarette? Probably not.

In this metaphor, I am that unhealthy doctor, a hypocrite.

A writer who preaches about owning a piece of something, turning yourself into the product, having control — and then publishes on a platform where I have none.

That’s why I’m leaving Medium and starting my own membership. Maybe you should too?

You have to have control of your own audience

People like Medium because they can leverage the eyeballs here to jumpstart their audience. Zero to one is easier here than it is on your own.

However, Medium, in…

How to become financially free

Let’s cut to the chase. You want financial freedom and I have some tips that will get you there. Each post will be available to read in 1 minute or less.

Part #1 — Revelations

  • Understand that Governments can’t help you. Wealth distribution is top-down, not bottom-up, so they’ll never be able to enrich the working class first. Take control of your own financial future.
  • Saving money alone won’t ever be enough. If your savings can’t grow faster than the rates of inflation, you’re technically losing money. Banks use savings from your account to invest and earn profit for themselves. Cut out the middle…

Write sales pages that convert

Sales page for a cocoon coat.
Sales page for a cocoon coat.

Let’s cut to the chase. You want to write effective sales pages, and I have the exact formula to do it.

Simply write your answers to the relevant questions below and you’ll have all the elements to your own beautifully coherent sales page.

The What

  • What is the product?
  • What does it do for the customer?

The Why

  • Why is it on the market?
  • Is it new or an advancement on something they already own?
  • Why do they need it?

The Who

  • Who makes it?
  • What credibility do you have in your industry to make customers want to buy it from you?
  • Are you the best…

Because more money is always great, right?

I know a secret that you don’t.

Employers have more money than they initially offer you. It’s the cornerstone of negotiation to shoot low first, but some potential employees take base-salary because they’re afraid to lose out on the opportunity.

Today I’ll show you the tactic I’ve used and coached people to use, in order to get a salary above what’s advertised.

You Don’t Get Money for Nothing

Often, people see ‘getting a job’ as an act of charity. A business feeling sorry enough for you, that they’re willing to employ you.

Work is a two-way street. You get money for an exchange of services and…


Three templates to win back 12% of your lost buyers

“FUNNIEST email I ever got. I signed up right away.” — former cart abandoner

Researchers at Baymard Institute have found that, on average, around 69.80% of your customers will abandon their cart. That’s 70%.

If 70% of your teeth fell out, you’d start to take action. So why is it that marketers don’t put a lot of thought into their abandoned cart emails?

Lackluster attempts at abandoned cart emails are the digital equivalent of throwing a baitless hook into a large lake. No wonder nobody is biting.

Today I’ll give you three of my personal email templates I use to…

How to get the attention of strangers

Let’s cut to the chase. You have cold leads to warm up, and I have the exact formula to do it.

Structure your emails like this:

  1. Introduce yourself. What’s your name?
  2. Build credibility. Who are you writing on behalf of? What would the recipient recognize about your business? Have you won awards or gone viral in prominent publications?
  3. Reinforce credibility. What credible and popular businesses currently use or buy your product? Hype yourself.
  4. Offer. How can you help them and their business? What are you selling and for how much? Don’t ask a cold lead to request a quote, it’s too much work. …


Leverage the selling power of not-so-secret secrets

In-N-Out Burger sign.
In-N-Out Burger sign.
Editor's note: This article is part of a series, Steal This Campaign, wherein we highlight creative, achievable, and unique ideas that you can steal or replicate parts of in your own marketing campaigns.

We’ve all heard of the In-N-Out & Starbucks secret menus. Ironically, the fact that we have negates the very notion that they’re ‘secret’ at all.

However, secrets are sexy. It’s nice to leverage the exclusivity of a secret to get something others don’t really know about. It’s exclusive. It’s special.

In today’s entry of ‘Steal This Campaign’ I’m going to teach you how to create your own…

Don’t listen to people that tell you it can’t

We’ve heard it all before, from those who have nothing or those who have too much… “Money can’t buy you happiness.”

It’s not that money can’t buy you happiness, it can. It’s that an excess of money won’t make you any happier.

Think of it like this…

You have a plate of your favorite food.

Now you have two plates.

Now you have three.

There’s only so much you can eat before more food lacks any further benefit.

According to research from Raisin in 2020, the happy figure we should all be aiming for was an annual salary of £33,864 for UK residents.

Our American…

Lessons for writing compelling copy

Let’s cut to the chase. You have copywriting questions, and after writing the sales copy for hundreds if not thousands of product pages, I have answers.

A Cheat Sheet for Optimizing Your Copy To Digest in 1 Minute or Less

  • Make your description sound bigger than it is. It’s not grey, it’s gun-metal grey. Use more adjectives.
  • Make the copy easy to understand. Simplify the products USP (unique selling point). It’s not a system for optimizing dynamic customer flow, it’s software to drive more sales.
  • Make the product sound inexpensive by undermining your competitors. Use lines like why pay more? Or like X, but half the price.
  • Make it sound high-quality if it’s not…


Restrict supply and generate more demand than you ever thought possible

Lack of availability is an aphrodisiac in marketing terms.

The less you have, the more valuable it becomes — not everyone will be lucky enough to own it.

Today I’ll be telling you about the most under-utilized tactic in stock-control: the ballot.

With a ballot, you’ll be selling more than you have and accepting the funds of only a few lucky buyers.

I Was Sucked In by It, so I Knew Others Would Be

This entry of Steal This Campaign is quite meta for me because I’m telling you to steal a campaign that I stole from someone else. You’re stealing what’s already been stolen.

In December 2016, I received an email…

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