Catching A White Collar CRIMINAL

The true story of how I uncovered a thief at work (screenshot evidence)

Geraint Clarke
10 min readJul 6, 2019


This is the true story of when I found a staff member embezzling funds— I’ll teach you how to find the money and show you the dirty secrets of embezzlers.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: To ensure the public integrity of the company in question and a fair and just prosecution either currently in progress or in future of the individual facing potential legal action, both the confessed-thief and company’s names will be redacted from this post. I have sought legal advice and to protect myself and the company I will safely mention this could be any of 3 past organisations I’ve worked for and dates will be omitted — with all funds being displayed in both US dollars & British pounds to avoid readers guessing the identity of said thief and/or company involved before official prosecutions will be/have been concluded. I condemn doxxing or publicly revealing who this individual is as that responsibility is with the aforementioned company should they ever decide to publicly do so. An agreement was reached in private between the company and embezzler to pay back all funds in full.

How many people do you know? Not including Facebook friends.

How many of those people would you trust in your house, alone? With access to your hidden cash, jewels and your $32/£25 per tub pistachio butter.

That list got pretty darn small, fast.

Imagine working with someone, knowing them well, their motives, intentions, personal thoughts, financial difficulties etc.

I once had a member of my own family steal £175 from me and I only found out when I defaulted on my phone bill.

You think these people are next to you on one side of the moral line, but they crossed that line long ago. You just don’t know it yet.

The most sinister thing is, the person you’re about to read about today is probably reading this too… right this second.


In this article I’ll be covering:

  • The warning signs.



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