How to Negotiate like A Pro

Don’t make the same mistake everyone else does

Geraint Clarke


Photo by ev on Unsplash

Negotiating is not just about ‘paying less’. It’s about striking a deal where both people walk away happy.

Below are a few elite-level tips I’ve used to close multimillion-dollar deals, or just get the best price on Facebook Marketplace.

#1. Find out what they really want

Not everyone wants money. You need to get people talking and find out what they really want.

They could want:

  • Fame
  • Money
  • Respect
  • Freedom
  • Other goods, etc

They may say they want $10,000 — but what is that for? Do they need that money to buy a new car?

If you can make the goal achievable at the price you’re offering — you’ll be more likely to close the deal.


“I can’t go to $10,000, I just don’t have the budget, but I can definitely see why you think you’d need that much for a car.If you’re in need of a car, have you thought about getting a lower model, or one with more mileage as a temporary solution?You can always get an upgrade in future, but for now, I can stretch to $7,000 — so you’d definitely



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